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tv   9 On Your Side News 7  ABC  January 19, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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now at 7.snow is on its way to the much could fall outside your door... and the timeline of the flurries ahead in your 9 first warning forecast. a man is shot around a group of witnesses- yet no one has come forward. tonight- a mother's plea to the community. and a man's plan to save his dog is foiled.the switcheroo he's accused of trying to pull off... this is on 9 on your side at 7. we begin at 7... with the snow that is expected to fall over
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make for a rough morning commute. commute.9 first warning chief meteorologist steve raleigh
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superintendents will be keeping a close eye on steve's forecast throughout the night.. as they weigh the decision on whether to close. in northern kentucky - kenton county school leaders say a lot goes into the decision. 45:46-46:05
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stay with 9 on your side and the 9 first warning weather team.steve is back in about 15 minutes with your 7-day forecast... which includes a look at friday's snow chances. plus-- we've got you covered with closures. they're constantly updated on our website wcpo dot com.and they'll scroll across the bottom of your screen on good morning tristate. tonight- another case of senseless violence ripping a tri-state family apart. now- a hamilton mother is pleading for her son's killer to come forward. 9 on your side's ashley zilka is live at the hamilton police department with more on the city's second homicide of the year. police tell 9 on your side the deadly shooting happened right around closing time outside of a bar. witnesses surrounded the area- but as tonight- no one is in custody. now robert goens' family needs your help. 04:17 now i am a mother of a murdered child. 19sheila mccloud fights back tears as
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year old robert goens. 02:41 when i held my son's hand for the last time it's like my heart went into his hand and it just tore. you tear families apart. 54hamilton police tell 9 on your side goens is one of two victims who was should outside the hard times bar early friday morning. goens was shot in the chest- he passed away on sunday. 01:11 he was a happy person. talented rap. an outdoorsman he was a huntsman, fisherman, everybody loved him. 22police say people came in and out of the bar when the shots rang out- but detectives are getting little cooperation from witnessesa frustrating fact for goens' family.05:46 don't you dare refer to my son as your friend or your homie and you don't want to help him because helping him have justice is picking up the telephone. 55goens' mother says although robert had a record- he wanted to start a
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rest until her son gets justice.08:30 he is not going to be a cold case. we are not going to allow him to be a cold case. 33 goens' family says the second shooting victim has not been in contact with them. according to the police report- a bullet grazed him- but he refused treatment. if you have any information at all about this shooting, please call the hamilton police department. you can remain anonymous. reporting live, ashey zilka, 9 on your side. a 17-year-old is shot in the backside. it happened around 4 o-clock this afternoon at the corner of linn and wade streets in the west end.police say someone in a red sedan drove by... and fired a gun through the car window.the teen was taken to the hospital. police don't have anyone in custody tonight. bond is set at one and a half million dollars for the man accused in a deadly shooting in avondale. avondale.derrell gover was in court this morning.the 21 year old was arrested monday. police say on friday night he
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scott" on alaska avenue friday night. gover recently spent time in jail for hitting a woman with a cell phone in october. a tri-state man is in jail after he tried passing off another dog, as his own, to be euthanized. jason dotson faced a judge, today. the judge says his dog, viciously attacked another dog earlier this month. dotson was ordered to take his dog to the s-p-c-a to be put down. two days before that was to happen- he went to the s-p-c-a, adopted a similar looking dog- and brought *that* dog in to be euthanized. s-p-c-a techinicans noticed it was the wrong animal. lt. brandon corcoran//spca dogs">dotson will serve 28 days in jail. as for the dog he tried passing off as his own, it will be put up for adoption, again, soon. pete rose will have his name in the cincinnati reds hall of fame. fame.the announcement was made this morning.rose - was banned
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it in 1989.last month, major league baseball commissioner rob manfred upheld rose's suspension.leading to a slim glimmer of hope that the hit king would get the recognition so many people say he deserves. clause.">reds president bob castellini said that rose's number, 14, will be retired... and that there will be a pete rose statue outside great american ball park.
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and all the great teams that i played on. i played in 1972 winning games. that dont include all star games, playoff games, or world series game... regular season games. i dont know how you can do that on a statues, probably a heads first statue."> statue.">pete rose will be inducted into the reds hall of fame at the end of june. we're just getting started... coming up next. next.conviction appealed.the reason killer - shayna hubers says she should get a new trial. plus... hear from the mother who says her daughter was burned while following through with a punishment handed down by her teacher. 9 on your side at 7 continues
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the trial over a million dollar indian hill mansion continues..and today the owner of the house at the center of the lawsuit-- took the stand. grant troja testified that the value of the house went down not only abecause of crysta pleatman's fliers. pleatman's attorney insists that there was never any contract... troja's testimony is expected to wrap up in the morning... after that - the defense will present its case. shayna hubers wants a new trial! trial!the woman convicted of killing boyfriend ryan poston is filing an appeal.she is serving 40 years in prison for
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heights condo in 20-12. attorneys want a new trial because they claim one of the jurors was a convicted felon. poston's family released a statement saying they remain confident in campbell county. a man who police say confessed to starting a fire on nebraska avenue is being held on a 150- thousand dollar bond. this is a look at that fire in west price hill.firefighters say some people had to use bed sheets to escape the apartment complex. today the suspect, johnny hammond was in court - accused of arson. his attorney says hammond may have some mental health issues. still to come dismissed. dismissed.why the convicted juvenile judge's case will not continue. and flurries could soon fall across the tri-state.when you could see snow, in your 9 first warning forecast...
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you're watching 9 on your side at 7! charges dismissed.those are the words convicted juvenile judge tracie hunter heard today as she was getting ready to stand trial for the second time.hunter was joined by her supporters in singing praises to god-- as they walked out of the court room.this all happened in a surprise move- by the special prosecutor who dismissed the remaining charges against hunter... that a jury could not reach a verdict on in 2014. to pursue the remaining charges would cause
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in monetary terms and further conflict in our community. community. my position is they dismissed because they couldn't win. hunter was sentenced to six months in jail for a conviction on one charge.but hunter is appealing that. during a hearing scheduled for this friday - we could learn if hunter will serve time while her appeal is being heard. tonight - a tri-state mother is concerned that a teacher's punishment went too far. far.the mom tells 9 on your side her daughter spent the weekend recovering from chemical burns she suffered while scrubbing mats at south lebanon elementary school on friday.the punishment was given out to students who missed several homework assignments.the mom thinks the teacher should have considered other disciplinary actions. far.">a warren county
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girl's burns on friday - but chose to not file a report.the school is now investigating to see if any further action shoule be taken. westwood is cincinnati's largest neighborhood.and it may also be it's most troubled. take a look at recent numbers from police that show just how bad it's gotten in the past year. in 2015.. 492 people were shot in cincinnati. that's up more than 100 from the year prior. and westwood's numbers grew the most. from 15 in 2014 to 46 in 2015. chief eliot isaac presented the data to city council members this morning and says he is now focusing on that part of town. {22:12 "our folks are out there gathering as much intelligence as possible and we'll be giving it quite a bit of year." {22:17 {22:17chief isaac will present his plan to fight crime to city council in two weeks. we've broken down the city's crime data in 2015 on
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delta airlines saves more than five billion dollars in fuel. fuel.the airline says it expects the savings to continue into this has its own refinery... allowing for the company to control fuel costs.the news comes amid tough pressure to cut ticket prices.low-cost carriers southwest, jetblue and spirit have pushed fares lower across the board. blue tiffany and co boxes were not under the christmas tree for many this past holiday season.sales for the luxury jeweler were down so much that its having to cut staff.the amount of people being let go was not blames its shrinking sales on "challenging and uncertain global economic conditions." the list of the most popular passwords is out!"one-two- three-four-five-six" is once again in the top spot.and "password" remains at number two.sports passwords made a
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"football" was number seven and "baseball," number 10.but what didn't make the list...
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caitlyn jenner plans to share even more of her story with the world. world.jenner is signing a new deal for a memoir.the olympic athlete will document her transition and journey from being male to female.jenner will write the book alongside pulitzer prize winning journalist buzz bissinger... the author of bestsellers like "friday night lights." bissinger also wrote jenner's vanity fair cover story in july where she revealed her new identity.the memoir does not have a title - but is 17. next at 7... 7...losing bet.the reason mayor cranley put on the black and yellow.9 on your side at 7
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cincinnati mayor john cranley makes good on the bet he made with the mayor of pittsburgh. pittsburgh.if the bengals lost to the steelers during the first round of the n-f-l
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would serve lunch - while wearing a steelers jersey.and because of the january 9-th loss, that's exactly what happened today at the city gospel mission! again.">if the bengals had won... pittsburgh's mayor would of had to do the same thing.. let's hope it happens next time. that is 9 on your side at 7 for this tuesday.steve is back at 11 with your 9 first warning forecast. and i'll see
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